My iPhone App:

For 2019 I am updating my Write Away iPhone app!

Details soon!

My 2013 iPhone Apps:

My 2 iPhone apps are now in retirement.

  • Write Away
  • BeforeUForget

I chose not to upgrade them to the latest Apple ios.

2013: As an avid iPhone user and a past programmer in Visual Basic it was only natural for me to want to take a few of my ideas and see them become iPhone apps. I currently have two apps available on Apple's App Store. The ideas for these apps are my own, I did not do the coding.

What I believe to be most significant about app development (on any platform) is that anybody can easily take an idea from mind to market. Apple has changed the face of opportunity for aspiring creative minds. If you have your own ideas for an app, investigate the possibilities of making it a reality, a most enjoyable experience.

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Write Away

iPhone / iPad App:

Your daily 10 minute writing coach.


It is said that dancers must dance, painters must paint, and singers must sing. Writers too must engage in writing in order to become better at their craft. Daily writing practice seems obvious, yet writers often find themselves in an uncreative mind set, which is then used as justification for not writing. Writing regularly is essential to improving your writing, and it can pull you out of a creative rut. Write Away is a daily writing tool designed to help you establish a pattern of practice and creative endeavor.




Write Away iPhone App



  BeforeUForget Icon


iPhone / iPad App:

Your Great Idea recording app!

Great ideas are priceless. Although when not immediately recorded they have a way of slipping quickly from our mind. Forgotten ideas tend to be very elusive. The Before U Forget application allows you to capture via voice memo, photograph, drawing or entering text details of your great ideas, using the fewest number of clicks, all within one app. Before U Forget then takes this quick process one step further by directly sending the saved idea capture to a default email address (entered under the settings option). No more forgotten ideas left behind on your iPhone. You ideas stay alive - waiting for you in your e-mail’s inbox!