A Few Personal Poems from a Quiet Past

    My early attempts to write poetry had been for me a way to express in written form what my shyness often kept me from verbally saying. Poetry was my release when my personal life was confusing, especially a desire for love, which seemed most elusive.

    When I was creating this website I came across some old poetic archives. They were saved on an Iomega Zip disk if you can imagine or even remember that technology! Two Friends at Lunch was the very first poem I wrote as an adult. I spent thirteen years of my young adult life caught in isolated adoration of a good friend. My failure to be stronger than my shyness prevented whatever opportunity may had once existed early on for there to have been an opportunity for a relationship. By the time I awkwardly expressed my interest in her it was too late. While I can believe that the relationship might have gone the way that early relationships go, I never forgave my inability to tell the girl that I felt such strong emotions for her. The below poem is written about meeting her for lunch thirteen years later - long after my failed attempt to win her heart.

    It can be tough being a shy kid. Being dorky doesn't help any at all. Oddly, being shy as an adult can prove to be just as difficult. The best one can do is hide it behind some talent or strength.

    Two Friends at Lunch is the only poem I wrote about her. The links to subsequent poems are written about others, and are displayed on the right column.


    Two Friends at Lunch

    It's just two friends at lunch you see
    with lives from pasts lived separately.
    Close friends once, but never lovers.
    Though one quietly held desire for the other.

    Adventures to tell. The smile on her face.
    My feelings kept quiet, to remain in their place.
    Though I shall wonder as I look in her eyes
    if I should tell of my feelings inside.

    Maybe she'll see them without any words.
    Maybe she won't. My thoughts are absurd!
    Most likely it's me that's carried this weight,
    thirteen long years to sit face-to-face.

    Across a small table, our hearts within reach.
    A chance to tell her, but they're words I can't speak.
    Alas, many a tale having come to its end,
    they minutes flew by, the time has been spent.

    A chance has been given, life's answered my prayers.
    But nothing has changed - it seems so unfair!
    I'll always wonder, one last look in her eyes.
    Should I have told of those feelings I hide.

    But it's just two friends at lunch you see.
    Things left unsaid - for eternity.


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