The clock is correct,
but it's later
than you think.

2021 1Q Website Updates:

Upgrade to the while website! We are now mobile friendly!

Computing Life
webpage added.

"Read More" buttons on select webpages.

Added All Things Poe,
All Things Dickinson,
and All Things Shakespeare webpages.

Placed Contact Form on the Contact Me webpage. Also has a FTP file upload feature.

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Contact Me

These days I reside
in Arnold, MD a
few mies slightly
north of Annapolis on the Broadneck Peninsula situated between the Severn and Magothy rivers.

Welcome to My Personal Website!

We all seemed a bit anxious to see 2020 come to its end with the hopes that 2021 will prove to be a less complicated year. Whatever this new year has in store for you, I wish you the best, the healthiest, and most fulfilling year!  

I have had this website since 2010There has been times when it has demanded much of my attention. Other times it has been neglected, and remained rather static My website has undergone a major overhaul this winter. It is time for its Grand RE-RE-RE-Opening! 

Bob's Burgers Grand RE-RE-RE-REOPINING

Project management is my career, it's my profession, my day job, and a passion for over the past 14 years. I am equally passionate about my creative endeavors, photography, poetry, prose, computers, and creative thinking. This website contains content relating to all these interests. Enjoy!

Project Management ... My professional life.

Over the past 14 years that I have been a project manager, I have managed many hardware and software implementations. These projects ranged form smaller projects to large, state-wide implementations. Along the way I earned 4 professional certifications in project management. I have a webpage devoted to my professional life and project management. It contains information about me and my career.


There are a number of webpages that branch off of the main webpage about poetry: Poetic Endeavors. I have individual poems and also a chapbook webpage: My Chapbook I have a webpage for both Emily Dickinson and Shakespeare.

I have become a huge fan of Emily Dickinson's hymn meter poems. Hymn meter poems are typically short and align to a church hymn's stressed and unstressed patterns. Below is a short video of some of my hymn meter poems.

15 Hymn Meter Poems

Depending on your choice of web browser this Video will start automatically, or you will need to launch it with the start button. Double-click on video for full screen.


I loved photography since my high school days. I was a photographer for our yearbook and photographed local sports events for the town newspaper. From there I joined the Navy as a photographer. After the Navy I was a photographer for the marketing department at the local hospital. I rarely do photography for money these days, but I love photography just as much as I did professionally. These days it is all about the enjoyment of art.

My website contains photographs that span decades, although the majority of images I have posted on line come from more recent times. In addition to the photographs I have provided information on my camera equipment, both digital and large format film. I have also shared my photography work flows. plus a collection of miscellaneous photographic information and links. You can find it all under the above menu items: Photography and Photo Technique. As for my favorite photographers, Edward Weston, John Sexton, Ansel Adams top the list.

As 2021 begins, I hope to add some new photographs. Winter and late Fall are my favorite times of the year to be in the woods, by the water, photographing in black & white. A crispness in the air, transfers well into my photographs. also, sometimes one can not see the trees for all their leaves.

Follow the menus to view my photography webpages.

Moonrise over Jetty: Rehoboth, DE.  Photo by Rick Dixon

Moonrise over Jetty

Rehoboth, DE

Weblog: The Day Books of Rick Dixon

I have updated my blog and have been actively making posts. The topics range from creative thoughts to poetry to general ramblings. Please check it out. There is something written there for everyone!

Click on the WordPress icon to the right to quickly navigate to my blog:A link is also located in the above menu.

Creative Endeavors Idea Scrapbook

Last year I added a new webpage on creative thinking. One of my resolutions was to think more creatively. I felt as though I have allowed some creative idleness to set in my mind and wised to rectify it. My self-assigned goal is to attempt to come up with a good idea every day. I believe the practice of doing so will be self-rewarding and beneficial in all areas; work, writing and photography. The habit of thinking creatively brings about more creative thinking. I quickly became stagnant on new ideas. By the end of the year I hope to rework the section to keep it alive, but must remain realistic on its upkeep. Click on light bulb to the right to jump to my Idea Scrapbook webpage.

Click on the WordPress icon to the right to quickly navigate to my blog:A link is also located in the above menu.

Website Mobility has Arrived!

I do most of my web surfing on my MacBook Pro or a Windows 10 PC, both of which connect to a nice Viewsonic monitor. I can't imagine surfing by smartphone. Sure I do the occasional Wiki lookup and other answers to spontaneous question on my iPhone. But I love photography and art so I like larger images. All of this said, I am falling into a web browsing minority. The rest of the world IS traveling the web via their phones and tablets.

Since what I see on my monitor is not what you get to see when you view my website on your phone, I need to rectify that. I have started the process t have a mobile friendly website! Over the next few months I will migrate my website into a mobile friendly interface.  As of the end of January 2021 my website has been upgraded to HTML5 and CSS3 responsive web design. 

Click on the the small photos throughout the website to enlarge them.

Grand Staircase
Escalate National Monument, Utah

Eye Phone
New York City, NY

Botanical Expression
Washington, DC

Botanical Brush strokes
Washington, DC

Paul Pappas
Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Neptune's Nymph
Library of Congress

Evening Tide
Ocean City, MD

Sunset at Wilson Lake
Prescott, AZ

Prayer Plant
Washington, DC

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