Technical Photography Websites

Listed are a collection of the websites I frequent for technical information, aesthetic motivation and to purchase photographic equipment and expendables. I will update the list upon discovery of additional relevant and useful web sites.

My Drone Authority
I need a drone - everyone does! Well probably not really, however if you are interested in drones this blog is an absolute must. Check it out and learn what you need to know.

Precision Digital Negatives
Precision Digital Negatives provides a wealth of information about how to fabricate digital negatives for contact printing with gelatin silver & other alternative photographic processes. The PDN System is designed to maximize the tonality and smoothness of your final prints.

Bostick & Sullivan
Suppliers for hand-crafted photography films and papers. This is where I get my chemistry for platinum printing.

Piezography is the use of select all black inks for use in black & white digital printing. This website/blog is filled with information and techniques to produce the finest black and white digital prints.

Inkjet Mall
The distributor for Jon Cone's Piezography Inks along with quality color inks for digital printing.

Photographer's Formulary
Supplier of chemicals for film and silver and alternative process print. I order their Amidol type developer I use for contact printing 5x7 negatives onto Lodima paper.

A fine art photographic paper designed to be contact printed on, similar to Kodak's Azo paper of years gone by. This paper has the deepens blacks of any photographic paper I have ever used.

Dan Burkholder Photography
An excellent website on creating digital negatives for platinum and other alternative process printing.

Amidol Formulae
A collection of Amidol formulas

PMK Pyro Film Developing Chart
A film developing alternate to the traditional processes.

Pinhole Photography and Camera Design Calculations
The title says it all. Pinhole or lens-less photography is fun, but since lenses do exist I don't see the point with one exception, Edward Weston made a much smaller aperture for a lens he has in order to have the depth of field required for many of his well known shell photographs.

Lenswork Magazine
One of my favorite photography magazines. They have an online subscription.

Really Right Stuff
Manufacture of the best ball heads available. Used in conjunction with their L shape camera brackets, you have the fastest and most sturdy way to support your camera and rotate to vertical rapidly.

Digital Photography Review
One of the best websites for researching camera gear.

Ken Rockwell
The other website that is a must researching camera gear, especially before purchase.

B & H Photo
The place many photographers choose to shop, myself included!

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