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One can hardly think of classic poetry and not be enchanted with the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson. Often considered the best American poet, and I see no one that can take away her crown. Emily Dickinson's the First Lady of poetry. Her life adds to her work. When you consider culture and society during Dickinson's time, she was impressive! Of course, most importantly is her poetry. I am a huge fan of her use of hymn poetry. I love the fact that she would make her own envelopes and write poems on the inside of them before sending them off to their recipient. I have gathered but a few of the numerous weblinks on Emily Dickinson and have placed them here on my All Things Emily Dickinson webpage.

Emily Dickinson Museum

280 Main Street, Amherst, MA 01002

I was planning on a Spring 2020 visit to Massachusetts to visit the Emily Dickinson museum but COVID-19 canceled the trip to Amherst. Since then, the Emily Dickinson museum has remained closed in the interest of promoting public safety. When the time returns that the museum reopens, I hope I can quickly schedule a visit.

Museum Website

Emily Dickinson Musuem photograph
From the Emily Dickinson Museum

Emily Dickinson Archive

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Emily Dickinson Archive - Emily Dickinson manuscript

An open-access website for the manuscripts of Emily Dickinson. It contains copies of Emily Dickinson's original and beautiful handwritten manuscripts including Dickinson's envelope poems.

Dickinson Electronic Archives

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Emily Dickenson Daguerreotype

A Repository for the Study of Resources Related to Emily Dickinson

Billy Collins: A Poet's Affection for Emily Dickinson

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Billy Collins was the poet laureate of the United States from 2001 to 2003. In this NPR article he discusses his poetic affection for Emily Dickinson


The Letter That Changed Emily Dickinson's Life

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On April 15, 1862, Emily Dickinson did not set out to write the most important letter in American literary history. But many scholars believe that's exactly what she did. Check out the excellent article writen May 2020 by Martha Ackmann posted on the Literary Hub Website.

Mabel Todd Describes Emily Dickinson Mass Moments Website

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Mass Moments is a daily almanac of Massachusetts history, launched in 2005. The sourcefor the article is a letter from Mabel Todd written in 1881.


How To Write Like Emily Dickinson

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Check out the How To Write Like ... website. The link takes you straight to the section on How to Write Like Emily Dickinson. Afterwrd check out section on your other favorite writers.

Emily Dickinson Lexicon Website

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The Emily Dickinson Lexicon is the ultimate source for knowing how Emily wanted the words she chose to be interpreted. Poets often take poetic license and use words not typical in the languege of the day.

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Poems, Biography, Quotes and Facts

Envelope Maker

Link to Amazon

Do you like Emily's envelope poems? These are poems that she sent to others that were written on the inside of the envelope. You too can send envelope poems! One of the easiest ways is to use an envelope maker. Once you make a few envelopes you will be able to see where it best topen your poem that ends up on th einside of the envelope. I purchased mine off of Amazon. Picked up the crafter's tape as well to seal the envelopes.
Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers. The Easiest Envelope Maker Available



My Emily Dickinson Hymn Meter Primer

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Screen Capture of My Emily Dickinson Hymn Meter Primer found on, Rick Dixon website

A poem of mine written using Dickinson's Hymn Meter. Long Meter

Love Poem: Apathy by Rick Dixon


My Emily Dickinson Hymn Meter Chart

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Screen Capture of My Emily Dickinson Hymn Meter Chart found on, Rick Dixon website


My Hymn Meter Poetry Webpage

Link to the Webpage or scroll below.

My Emily Dickinson Poetry Webapge on, Rick Dixon website


15 Hymn Meter Poems

Emily Dickinson portrait

Emily Dickinson wrote 1775 poems that we know of, many of which were written using Hymn Meter. The flow of Hymn Meter poems aligns with the melody of hymns that she knew. Her poems could be sung to music that was popular at that time.

I greatly enjoy the poetry of Emily Dickinson, and also her as a person. She certainly remains one of the greatests poets of all time.

The 15 poems below are my attempts of writing poetry by using Emily Dickinson's Hymn Meter style.


What choice has the heart in which it pursues
when two souls by their fate become tethered?
Why would the universe lead me to you,
Be it not, for us to beforever together?


Then Sings My Soul

When seeing you my soul does sing.
Your presence comforts me.
The happiness you always bring,
I wish as much for thee.


Your Presence

The warmth of your presence
Rouses my emotions.
Desire creates its own suspense.
Will our hearts beat as one?



An Invitation

Skin so fair with cinnamon hair,
Please let my heart soar free.
Splendor beyond any compare,
Come on a walk with me.


I saw her yet again today,
That angel in disguise.
My soul, it cried out in dismay
As sorrow met reprise.


A flower blooms in secret place.
I planted it mid-May.
I hope to place it in a vase,
And visit you someday.

Whenever She is Near

Such lovely music is her voice
As words goes dancing around my ears.
Her beauty makes my soul rejoice
Whenever she is near.


Awake tonight my heart delights –
The still invites your grand debut.
Past lonely days I overwrite
As dreams review my love for you.

Kiss Me Hello

I promise I won’t ask too much
Of what I'd love to ask of you.
Your cheek, your lips I’d love to touch
For just a little kiss – or two!


I call your name as though you care.
The deed returned in silent stare.
Such love for you I would confess.
Except that you could care no less.

Future Endeavors

I dream of future times to share.
To hold you close sublime!
Please end my days of solitaire
And let our souls entwine.

To Be With You

I wish to spend the day with you.
To be with you sublime!
Though who am I to so impose
on such an angel’s time?

To Be Near You

My heart does warm upon your sight
Whenever I’m near you.
Too short my time in such delight.
Too soon, we bid adieu.


You would blush every time
I gaze into your eyes.
If only that you knew
The loving thoughts I have of you.

Quiet Times

When silent is the night,
I dream you're with me here.
I wish to hold you tight
And whisper in your ear.


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My Books on Emily Dickinson's Poetry

Dickinson on Love- Emily Dickinson
Dickinson on Love

I so am looking forward to reading through this book of Emily Dickinson's writing, edited by Urlich Baer. If only I could have been alive 150 years ago and would have known Emily Dickinson.

Miss Emily - Nuala O.Connor
Miss Emily book cover

Just picked up this book mid-November and started reading it today. I seem to enjoy most things surrounding Emily Dickinson, and I assumed this book would be no different. I don't hate the book, but I am not in love with it either. I continue on reading in hopes that by the end I will be pleasantly pleased.

I really wasn't. Maybe I have read this at the wrong point in time.

Envelope Poems - Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson: Envelope Poems book cover

This book is like a college course on the great poet* Emily Dickinson. It is always enjoyable to know what is going on in the mind of a poet. I am an avid reader of her poems and find her life story interesting.

* While a female poet is called a poetess, most female poets prefer to be called poets.

The New Poems of Emily Dickinson - William H. Shurr, Editor
The New Poems of Emily Dickinson book cover

The poems that look like poems make up these final additions to Dickinson's work. These "poems" were collected from letters and envelopes and other notes. All of her writing adds up to an amazing collection of work!

The Art of Emily Dickinson's Early Poetry - David T. Porter
The Art of Emily Dickinson's Early Poetry book cover

This book is like a college course on the great poet* Emily Dickinson. It is always enjoyable to know what is going on in the mind of a poet. I am an avid reader of her poems and find her life story interesting.

* While a female poet is called a poetess, most female poets prefer to be called poets.

Emily Dickinson Word Cloud by My Poetic Side website

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Emily Dicokinson Word Cloud by My Poetic Side webpage

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