Art & Photography I Like:

The web sites below reflect the work of others that I admire. I constantly peruse the internet in search of outstanding art that can help inspire or motivate me, or is simply just enjoyable to view. I plan on updating the list as I come across addition examples of the artwork of others.

Suggest a Link

Mitch Dobrowner
If you like a dramatic sky look no further than Mitch Dobrowner's website. This has to be one of the best collections of modern, fine art black and white photography with an emphasis on dramatic skies. It is the kind of work that makes you want to go out and play in the rain.


Jay Shootz Website
Jay Shoots Photographic Arts
I knew Jay back when we were both photographers in the Navy, stationed in Washington, DC. Jay had great talent, far beyond the rest of us grip and grin photographers of that time. I learned much from Jay, mostly through observation and looking at his prints.. He fostered my love for large format photography. Jay has vision and was a perfectionist at composition, film processing and print making.


Cole Thompson Website
Cole Thompson Photography
Cole has some of the most striking images you will ever see. He has great vision and is a wonderful black & white photographer that specializes in long exposures. I have had the opportunity to correspond with Cole and he is always willing to be of help and share his expertise. Check out his blog, it is a treat every time I receive an email of a new post.


Brett WEston Archieve
Brett Weston Archive
Brett Weston was the son of Edward Weston. Brett's photographic vision and his master printmaking ranks him in the top 5 of fine art photographers. I greatly enjoy the magnificent photography of both Edward Weston and Brett Weston. Just looking at their photographs is a lesson in photography.


John Sexton Photography
John Sexton Photography
If I could be any photographer, I would want to be John Sexton. His photographs are examples of perfection. His vision is second to none. I have seen John in passing out at Point Lobos, California, but have never had the opportunity to attend one of his workshops. I hope to get on the workshop list for 2014. Anytime you want to be inspired, look at his photography.


Marty Knapp

Marty Knapp Classic Black & White Landscape Photography
A great collection of black and white images! Nothing more to say. Simply check it out and enjoy!


Kim Weston
Kim Weston Photography
Kim is the grandson of Edward Weston. I have had the opportunity to work with Kim twice. We have photographed together and done platinum printing. For me, those opportunities were highly influential in my return to large format film photography. Kim is a delight to be around and has stories of his uncle Brett Weston and his grandfather Edward. His stories will delight any lover of traditional, fine art photography. Kim himself is an accomplished fine art photographer.


Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams Photography
Ansel Adams is every photographer's household common name. We all have been touched and influence by his work and his teachings. He reigns best of the best. I actually carry a book of his, Ansel Adams 400 Photographs, in my car for on-the-spot inspiration.