All I Ever Wanted

It seemed he always wanted
that in which he could not have.
Such is often the curse of those that see so vividly,
hear so clearly, feel so passionately,
and truly love so deeply.

For him it was unsuspected acquaintance
that delivered her from the universe into his world.
She arrived with her overwhelming beauty;
eyes that reach out and pull you inward
toward her sea of flowing hair,
red like the lipstick that accented her smile,
every part of her burning an image
forever onto the walls of his soul.
It was the gentle calming
of her southern voice, as it sang to him,
that made him ache for her words.

It was both the pain and the thrill
of feeling such intense emotions,
so quickly, simply brought on
by her mere presence.
She easily was everything he had ever desired
and presumably everything he could not have.

However this time love could be different.
Maybe this time he had found not
what he could have or have not,
but instead her, that would have him.

Rick Dixon signature 2017

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