Lambs and Goats

Lord, when did we see You naked,
or hungry, or in prison?


You were just a stranger
approaching adjacent in a crowd.
Never a threat of danger,
your look of less than proud.

You said Hello to me,
as we passed each other by.
My response was pure reflex,
as we caught each other's eye.

You returned to offer your body
in hopes of money, your cure.
You told me of your hunger
as we approached the exit door.

You said that you were desperate,
that you really needed help.
You looked so worn and stricken
with a pain I've never felt.

"Two dollars? Yes I thank you sir!
Five dollars would be great!
Ten dollars, I'd be off the street tonight
for it is the shelter's rate."

Offering little of the much I'd had to give,
rejecting your words as lies.
I stopped and saw you looking at me
as the tears flowed from your eyes.

You quickly ran and disappeared
in the darkness of the night.
I searched for you for hours
to change my wrong to right.

Find you no, I never did,
not one dollar did you take.
But one lesson I did learn from you:

Always deliver kindness,
for it's what we all deserve.


And I say to you, "When you have done this
to one of these, the least of My brethren,
you have done it Me."

Matthew 25: 31-46

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