An Ordinary Day

Not one million dollars did I acquire today.
Sculpt I did not, the Bronze David in clay.
Painted no canvas that cloned a Van Gogh.
Learned very little of what I don’t know.
Blasted no rockets up into space.
No medals awarded for winning a race.
No motorcade to meet me at my door.
Found no solution to feed the world's poor.
Rescued no maidens from untimely death.
Penned not one play to rival Macbeth.
Wrote no sentence worthy of Hemingway.
Many debts I’m still not ready to repay.
Written no scores to echo Mozart.
Across the Serengeti I did not embark.
No bottles christened a ship I set sail.
Nor did I through-hike the Appalachian Trail.
There's no need to remember even my name.
I have achieved very little, no title of fame.

Today I only lived an ordinary day.
Lived it I did in an ordinary way.
Celebrated I did with a handpicked bouquet
of the prettiest of flowers from today’s grand ballet.
I'd change only one thing if ever I could.
We'd walk hand-in-hand if ever you would.

Rick Dixon signature 2019

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