The Return: 4 Poems

The poems below are my attempts to return to writing poetry. Much time has passed since my last writings in 2019. My hopes are to move forward with an emphasis on writing sonnets. Until I manage to be writing in iambic pentameter, I have written a few short poems. I have broken the inertia and returned my pen to paper one Thursday evening in September.

What came out of my writing are poems expressing the loss of a relationship. I have experienced loss a number of times in my life so I can easily recall my emotions associated with those losses. I was not feeling a recent loss while writing. Poems about loss may simply be the easiest to write and allowed me to find a point to start writing again.


Insanity Reigns

There's heaviness in my sadness.
Tears puddle much like an overnight rain.
The reality of my losing you,
Has left me quite insane.


Disappearing Ink

My tears became a river,
That flowed unto the sea.
Ink from letters written,
fade eventually away.
Unable to express to you,
all I hoped that I could say.
The love we shared together,
Not enough for you to stay.


Start with Goodbye

We share no more the word, hello.
Just a permanent goodbye.
You said it was your time to go
Though I 'll never know the reason why.


In Plain Site

I am quite aware
that the others do stare
As though they should care
Over our love affair.



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